Thursday, January 11

The Bank Manager

I had a six month catch-up meeting with my bank manager today. It was good to go through my progress over the last six months with someone who wasn't completely invested in the project, and who has a business brain.

He started off the meeting telling me the copy he had bought as a Christmas present for his kids has been a success, they've played it four or five times, and the youngest kid (a twelve-year old) loves it. Good stuff. We went through my finances (which he says are better than some of his customers who have been running their businesses as a full-time concern for over six months), and my current fears about the slackening of sales. He suggested that I speak to the local Business Advisory Centre, who I had approached before starting Reiver Games. I seem to remember that my advisor was supposed to arrange a catch-up meeting three months after our last meeting (in May), so I've contacted them again to try to get together.

I'm also trying to get in to Vapnartak 2007 in York as a presentation game. Sadly I don't think I can afford the traders fees, so I'll just have to show it off instead.


hmocc said...

Hi Jack,

Finance talk can be a bit cold, particular when you are in a creative business. I hope the manager was helpful.

Funny that in most games involving money transactions, there is almost always a player responsible for the bank, but I have never seen a specific game about banking / money management. It's always property, trains or some other commodity.

Changing the subject, I am making arrangements to go to BM! on the 20th. This time I will bring my copy of Border Reivers. If there is any other game from my collection (on BGGeek) that you might want to try, just let me know.

In the meanwhile I will be in Headingley this coming Thursday (18th) and check with the guys when it would be a good time for you (if you're interested) to come down and demo BR. Needn't say that you are more than welcome to come to Headingley at any time.


Jack said...

I might be able to make next Thursday, we shall see - I'm pretty busy next week. I too hope to make it to BM next week though.



hmocc said...


Either way I'll see you in a few days.