Friday, January 19

Wow! That's A Nice Surprise

So as you saw, I offered my American chums a special offer limited to the first five people to reply to a post on BoardGameGeek. This happened to coincide with Eric Martin of Board Game News writing an article about Border Reivers. Then I sat back, wondering if I'd get any takers.

I did.

Boy, Did I. Yesterday I sold six copies, including one to a friend of a friend who's played the game a fair bit and wanted a copy as a present. But the five free shipping copies disappeared in twelve hours. That's six copies in twelve hours. I keep track of my weekly sales, and yesterday was my best ever week of sales. In one day. Sweet!

The publicity is still paying off, I sold another copy today to the States, which means I've now sold out of the stock I made over Christmas. I really need to make some progress on the batch I started last week, I've been very busy, so they've been on the back burner. Now I really need them!

Tomorrow I'm going to Beyond Monopoly for a bit, then to Leeds to meet a potential artist for Codename: Monster, and then I'm having friends round for games in the evening! Busy day.


andyb said...

Phew... sounds like you will have had a busy day. Hope it's been a good one . Alan is working some Saturday's now, so we can't get to Beyond Monopoly at the moment...

I did fit a 6 hour game of "Through the Ages" in today, though (At the Manchester Wargamers Club). A pretty good civilisation game, but not really to my tastes.

Jack said...

It was a very busy one, but a good one - I'll blog about it later.