Sunday, February 4

Busy Weekend Again

The Wife was away this weekend, so I've been amusing myself. I went up to Newcastle after work on Friday to hang out with my old work mates which was great, and then on Saturday morning before heading back, I played a couple of games of Codename:Monster with Linz (who really got into the spirit of the auctioning) and Mal who had played before. They both enjoyed it, and I'm still pretty keen to publish it, here's hoping I can jump through the last few hoops and get enough cash together to make a go of it.

A couple of people have recently mentioned to me that they think Reiver Games would make a good investment, and while I think I'm a bit too green to be messing around with other people's money I'm flattered that they think I'm not.

After getting back from Newcastle on Saturday afternoon, I spent lots of time on more Border Reivers construction. After the rush of sales the week before I went to San Francisco I'd fallen behind on construction, and this was coupled with receiving a couple more sales on the weekend - I had three outstanding orders and no completed stock. I spent a while making decks of cards and then went round to a friend's house to do some more tile-gluing in their garage. When I got back I did some more decks of cards until about one in the morning.

Today I've been to Vapnartak a local wargames convention. Though not selling Border Reivers sadly. After my initial attempts to sell without paying for a trader's stall were rebuffed, my later requests, with different ideas were ignored. So instead I went along to help my local games club Beyond Monopoly out. We had five tables with a mixture of displays of games and their boxes and participation games. We seemed to garner a lot of interest despite not being heavily into wargames, so that was a day well spent. On returning home I've been doing more construction: finishing off the decks of cards, labelling boxes and cutting out tiles. By the time I call it a night tonight I hope to have the three outstanding orders completed, and just the tiles to do on the remaining three copies of the six copy batch I started two or three weeks ago.

And, as if all that games-related goodness wasn't enough, Dave has had a cracking idea to help reduce the two-people-playing-two-separate-games problem I'm experiencing with Codename: Jorvik. I'm really enthused about it, and I'm now keen to make another prototype and start testing it out.

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