Saturday, February 10

Good News Everyone!

When I started out making Border Reivers I set myself the goal of selling the entire print run of one hundred copies within a year. I had no idea whether or not this was possible, but it seemed like a reasonable goal. More recently I've set myself a second goal - to break even before the end of the UK financial year (April 6th), so that I can say that Reiver Games has been profitable in its first year.

With any luck I'll break even in the next couple of days, I've an outstanding order that will do it :-) That doesn't mean that everything I sell from now on is pure profit, as there are still outstanding things to buy such as glue. However, I am now well on course for selling out by August 12th (the one year anniversary) and for getting enough money together to publish another game. Of course, I don't actually pay myself for all the hours I put in either - so it's still not a viable full-time business.

In other news, The Wife suggested I contact one of our joint friends about doing the artwork for Codename: Monster. I'd forgotten he was artistic, and it hadn't crossed my mind to contact him about the job. I did, and he sent me some sample artwork which is great, I'm going to phone him to go through the details a bit more this weekend.

Finally, I'm going to have another games night tonight, so a session report will follow in a day or two.

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