Tuesday, February 6

Dave's Faves

I’ve been quite lucky recently with regards to gaming. Unfortunately I can’t make it to Beyond Monopoly! as often as I’d like due to family commitments, so my gaming opportunities have been limited. I’m also a tree-hugging hippy without a car, so travelling the country seeking out other games clubs and gaming buddies is beyond me. Fortunately, with being able to get round to Jack’s and taking games into work, the last couple of months have been good.

So what games have hit the tables and what are my current favourites? Well firstly, the big one has to be Memoir '44. After lending this to a friend at work to give him some Christmas ideas for his son it has become a lunchtime classic. My friend said he loved the game and we soon found ourselves playing a quick game over sandwiches. We keep track of victories and I’m sad to say that I’m not currently in the lead…

As mentioned in this blog a couple of days ago, I managed to introduce Jack to Memoir ‘44 last week and he seemed to enjoy it. We also had a copy of the game set up at Vapnartak over the weekend, which proved popular as it drew in wargamers young and old and even non-gamers seemed impressed by the look of the game. This is a real winner and a good investment. The only drawbacks I find with the game are that it is, primarily, a two-player, so you can end up being a bit antisocial if you bring it out at a games night. Another downside of the game is that it seems to have been superseded by Battlelore which has just been released and uses the same mechanics but in a fantasy setting and with some extra rules. Don’t let this put you off though, Memoir ’44 still remains a fun, solid game with plenty of replay value.

Next on my list of big-games is Space Hulk, Jack has reviewed our sessions of this over the last few weeks so I’d recommend reading those. I really, really enjoy this game, to me it represents the Golden Era of Games Workshop. GW seem to suffer from a lot of criticism at present for various things, but their back catalogue of games is incredible and some of them are as close to perfect as you can get. My copy of Space Hulk was bought on ebay and wasn’t cheap, but I think it was money well spent and it’s definitely something I’ll be playing for years to come.

What does the future hold? Well, there has been talk of a few games of Necromunda, which I like because of the campaing system which lets your gang grow over time. I’ll be posting some Necro related news in the next couple of weeks, so look out for that.

I’m also trading a few of my old games at the moment so I’ve got some new games in the post. I won’t tell what they are yet, but expect some session reports.

Until next time, all the best and happy gaming.

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