Sunday, February 11

It Had To Happen Sooner Or Later

Border Reivers has got its first overtly negative rating/comment on BoardGameGeek. The guy gave it four out of ten, and said it had too much luck and churning for his tastes. I've no idea what churning is, but the luck is a fair cop, so if he doesn't like that in a game he'll not enjoy Border Reivers.

I'm surprised how long it has taken to get a really negative rating (previously everything was six and above), as it's not to everyone's tastes, but at least the comment wasn't unpleasant or bitchy. I'm sure I'll get one of those sooner or later, but there you go. Border Reivers now has sixteen ratings, just over halfway to the thirty needed to become ranked. I hope I make that far, despite the limited number of copies available.

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