Monday, February 5

The return of me

Evening all, I'm back to this fine Blog in 2007 with intruiging news. Firstly, ny game Tour got it's 'release' with me working through the pre-order list, making the games, sticking my fingers together, cutting into my table with my craft knife and stressing out 'til the early hours. Fun fun. Still, those who have bought it so far seem to enjoy it, even if those they introduce it to have so far been less enamoured. The continuous theme is that the game is an accurate representation of the tactics of pro cycling - but if that sounds horribly boring to you, I'd imagine the game may not be as enjoyable as for people who love that kinda thing. Still, it's all good, although every negative comment about the game I love is like a knife TO MY HEART! If there are reasons for negative comments though I like to hear them! However, let's do a check. At this moment Border Reivers: 6.80...... Tour: 6.86....... 1-0 to the Hamster! *dances* No time to rest on my slightly dishevelled laurels though. My next game is currently titled "Alive & Kicking" and is based on the movie/novel/manga Battle Royale which had 40 school kids sent to an island to kill eachother until only 1 remained. As macabre as it sounds it's a delicious concept for a game. I'm approaching it in a Bang! style with up to 14 players (ugh) or as few as 6 each taking one of the characters in this 'different' version, as well as taking one of 14 weapons and moving around the island, killing and surviving until they're the last remaining. The can either go it alone, or can make alliances with eachother around the table to work together to make sure they're the last two left etc. My aim is for it to be a fun late night party game and as it's card based it'll be cheaper for me to produce (and easier! Huzzah!) Also, a friend of mine has a girlfriend who is an excellent artist, mostly manga-style based and she's agreed to do the graphics for me in exchange for a percentage of profits so that's all good. Big up to her!

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Jack said...

Welcome back!

Nice work Luke! Border Reivers was at 6.89 until recently so you timed your post well ;-)

Alive & Kicking sounds interesting, almost as (okay, in fact far more) macabre than Monster :-)