Wednesday, February 28

Publishing Progress

I've not been blogging as much recently in an effort to free up some time for construction and spending with The Wife. It doesn't help that my new job has been taking up more of my free time with overnight trips to London, Paris (this morning!) and San Francisco. However, I have been managing to make a reasonable amount of progress - I just haven't been reporting it very well.

Border Reivers construction has continued when I've been able to sneak some time. None the weekend before last, since my parents were visiting, but I had to take a day off work mid-week to get the car fixed, and I had some time on Sunday while The Wife went to work :-(. I'm also got to get a chance to do some last night while The Wife was visiting friends and I've got some time this morning before I go to get my train to Paris mid-morning. I've managed to get positive stock again, and I've nearly finished that last batch of five and started another. I've also been considering ways to advertise it better without spending any money. Paul suggested I contact a local magazine, which apparently helped some people in a similar position a few months ago. I've emailed them, we'll have to wait and see if they get back to me.

Codename: Monster is edging ever closer to the start line. The designer has posted me a signed contract, which all being well will arrive in a week or so, have to see how it goes. As soon as that arrives I need to start the artist off, as I'm hoping to have it ready for a convention, and timing is a bit tight.

Finally two other things. I still haven't got around to testing Dave's suggestion for Jorvik, though the idea has really re-invigorated me on Jorvik. I was feeling like it needed to be shelved, now I think it's got legs again. Also, I had an idea for a theme based on a series of books I'm reading, I know the sort of things I want in the game, now I just need to come up with some mechanics...

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