Monday, July 15


I’ve almost finished the graphic design for the Away Team Bingo player sheets.

The four low ink ones are done. 

Two out of four high ink ones are done too.

Next up is the rules.

Rules are hard

I’ve a pretty spartan rulebook that went to the playtesters.

But I need a new one.

With diagrams.

And examples.

It takes time.

It’s my current focus.

Next up is review copies and the Gamefound page.

It’s going to be a busy couple of months.

Monday, July 8

Let The Good Times Roll!

I'm done.

Away Team Bingo is finished.

My third roll and write game.

You are sending teams of crew to explore a planet three times.

To find the most impressive discoveries.

But lots of locations aren't safe.

Will you pick the right mix of crew for the mission?

It's a press your luck game.

You want to stay as long as possible to maximise your rewards.

But staying too long can be costly.

Or catastrophic.

Now the game is finished, it's just graphic design, finishing the rulebook and doing the crowdfunding page.

The top of a low ink page - getting prettier!

There's a start of a Gamefound page taking shape.

The graphic design is coming together.

Then it'll be the rulebook.

It's going to be a busy couple of months!

Monday, July 1


Our ads are stuck in the learning phase.

At least partially because I’m still in my learning phase.

Our ads should be showing FlickFleet to those people who might like it.

At the moment it’s either not showing them to the right people.

Or not interesting to the right people.

Not working yet…

I need to spend some time working out how to improve the targeting.

Or improve the ads.

Meanwhile Paul is boxing and parcelling the rewards aiming to ship them in the next month.


And I’ve started the Gamefound page for my next Roll & Write.

Lots to do.

Lots to learn…

Monday, June 24


We have a great product in FlickFleet.

It has loads of fans.

People love it when they are introduced to it at conventions.

But our ads perform pretty poorly.

I've tried something new this week.

15 second videos of the game.

Taken at the UK Games Expo.

It's way more successful at driving traffic to our website.

But not helping with sales at all.

I really wish I had the time to work out how to do advertising right - I'm sure we could do much better!

Monday, June 17


I've spent this week working on two things.

Some 'proper' ads.

Which aren't working well yet, but might in the future.

And a business opportunity.

Which could be transformative.

It is, yet again, a busy time.

Meanwhile, Paul has got the laser-cutter repaired.

No longer out of action

And is boxing up the US/Canadian orders from the Gamefound campaign.

Now the laser-cutter is repaired we can make up the last few things required and ship them all to GamesQuest to begin their journey to the US.

After that it will be the EU ones and the last few standard rewards.

Fulfilment is well on-track.

Monday, June 10


Things are flat out at the moment.

Paul is speedily shipping Gamefound rewards.

So I've got to do the bookkeeping for those shipped pledges.

We've had a run of website orders.

So I've got to do the bookkeeping for those too.

It’s not over yet!

And there's a whole heap of post-Expo tasks to do too.

Plus there's a possible game changer that's looming with a deadline of the 19th.

There's loads to do!

Monday, June 3


We've just got back from the UK Games Expo.

Before it all began...

Four full-on days of travel, demoing & selling FlickFleet, and hanging out with my best mate.

It was awesome.

We were both a bit worried about how it would go.

Last year we had a run of great reviews in the lead up to the show.

And it was our best year ever.

No reviews this year.

It could have been disappointing.

We had no idea what to expect really.

We needn't have worried.

It ran from Friday to Sunday, and by Friday lunchtime Paul had decided to go back to York to get more stock. We ran out of some things, and were very low on others.

By the end of the first day.

Paul's return to York was well worth it!

We had our best show ever again.

Sales were amazing.

But more than that, it was awesome to spend the time chatting to people who love FlickFleet or introducing people to FlickFleet for the first time and seeing them love it.

See FlickFleet spark joy.

Playing a game and having passing members of the public stop to tell others that the game is amazing and they need to buy it. Several times.

Getting our best ever score (12!) in the solo competition, not once but twice!

And many hours with Paul, catching up, making plans and working out our next steps.

I feel energized. And enthused. And utterly knackered.