Monday, February 22


I've mentioned before that my graphic design skills are weak.

They are.

Our first Kickstarter looked terrible.

The second looked bad.

The third looked poor.

I'm working on number four now. 

Coming next month.

It's an improvement. 

Not earth-shattering, but better.

Baby steps.

Small steps forward compound over time.

Or so I hope...

Monday, February 15


I’ve spent most of this week trawling the web, updating all instances of our logo with the new one:

Much more professional!

After back and forth with the designer, we settled on “Fast, fun Craft Games” as what we do. 

It sums us up perfectly: Craft Games, like Craft Beer is indie, small runs, made by hand.

The logo captures the fun nature of our games and the support of our community.

It can be white or dark.

And the community hands can be swapped out for other things, allowing us to tweak it for particular themes, holidays or other reasons.

While keeping something recognisable.

It also leans in to the way most people pronounce Eurydice (Eury-Dice).

When it was suggested here as a name long ago I liked that it incorporated Dice and something a bit like Euro. 

Both strong gaming words.

Paul and I are really happy with it.

Monday, February 8

First Time

Marketing is not my forte.

I’m still learning a lot.

Doing things for the first time.


But I learn.

And slowly, I hope to get better.

We’re running ads ahead of our next Kickstarter for the first time.

Pointing to our first ever dedicated landing page.

Needs work

It’s not very good.

So I’ll improve it.

Expectations are low for this Kickstarter again.

So we can use it as a learning opportunity.

And hopefully get better.

For the next one...

Monday, February 1


We're looking to get our website overhauled.

It needs some love. I've kludged it together using raw HTML (and a little Javascript).

It's weak.

We found a designer we liked. 

Can't afford him yet, but he wanted to rebrand us first.

New logo. New colour scheme. New look.

We need it. 

Homemade. And it shows.

I kludged our logo together too. With help from my dad.

The colour scheme is essentially the same as Reiver Games. 

He presented his ideas to us this week. 

Paul and I have been thinking about them, tweaking a couple of things.

I've also mocked up a quick re-brand of the website.

Looks much better already  - though it still needs a chunk of work.