Monday, April 26


Paul and I work in shifts.

I do the Kickstarter page.

Then run the Kickstarter.

Then the pledge manager.

Then the graphic design and Print and Play files.

Then catch up on all the accounts and fill in the fulfilment spreadsheet.

Then the real work begins - Paul has hundreds of games and expansions to laser-cut, bag, box and post.

We’re still in the ‘Jack is very busy’ phase.

And now I need to find a new day job, pronto.

It’s been a distraction. Things have slipped.

Only by a few days, but I need to get back on track.

Hoping to have the Pledge Manager go live this week...

It’s mostly done.

Monday, April 19


Crafting a Kickstarter page is about design.

Make it look great.

Get the words right.

Hone everything.

Will it grab people’s attention?


Then wait and watch it work. Or not. Or only just.

We’re now setting up the Pledge Manager.

It’s very different. A chore.

Setting up a web shop really.

Populating your store with wares.

And we have a lot of wares.

It takes an age, but I’m hoping to finish before the end of the week...

Monday, April 12

The Eye

All is quiet.

We sit in the eye of the storm.

Kickstarter is a crazy time, comments to respond to. Ad reactions. Messages. Changes to the campaign.

It’s hard work. Even without the worry of funding or not, it’s stressful.

Evenings away from the family trying to keep up.

In a couple of weeks the Pledge Manager should be live on Gamefound.

It’ll be crazy again - loads of bookkeeping to do. Constantly evolving reward totals. Chasing the people who don’t complete it.

For now it’s all quiet. Just plugging away at the Gamefound page. Getting things ready.

A chance to recharge.

Monday, April 5


Our fourth Kickstarter finishes in just over 30 hours.

It’s been amazing.

Highest total by a country mile.

Highest backer count too.

We’ve unlocked six of the original eight Stretch Goals.

The seventh is very close.

At one point my (as it turns out wildly inaccurate) predictions spreadsheet had us nearing the point where we would have to register for VAT.

Kickstarters are a rollercoaster.

Less stressful than the first - where we very nearly failed.

But still, we’re small enough that we feel the joy of every new backer and the disappointment of every cancellation.

It’s nearly over.

A chance to relax and breathe.

The Pledge Manager will be right behind it though.

Busy, busy.