Monday, May 31


This week has been one of emotional highs and lows.

I’m in the middle of almost three weeks between day jobs so I’ve had lots of ‘free’ time.

I’ve spent that time with my family, doing household jobs, and a lot of Eurydice stuff.

Monday and Friday last week I met up with Paul (and also Alex on Friday) and we playtested new FlickFleet ideas, Coalescence, The Uprising Saga and Alex’s game: Aliens Ate My Planet.

It felt great to feel like a game designer again.

On Thursday I got to watch Daughter the Second (now four!) during her swimming lesson (I usually work during them) and it was awesome to see her so confident in the water.

I also spent a lot of time very stressed about today’s  Print and Play Kickstarter deadline.

I’ve been working late almost every night plus, where I can, during the days.

It was a way bigger job than expected and today I’m off on holiday for a few days and my parents are visiting next week. I missed the deadline and due to the next couple of weeks’ activities I’ve missed it by a lot.


Highs and lows!

Monday, May 24

Weird Week

A month ago my day job went sideways.

It was a pre-revenue start-up, so I knew it was a risk.

Still, it was unexpected. 

And inconvenient. At the peak of post-Kickstarter I found myself urgently looking for a job and interviewing.

I’ve been lucky (again!).

I’ve got another job lined up to start in early June.

Last Wednesday was to be my last day, but I was made redundant on Monday.

My 2.5 weeks of between jobs became almost three.

This was better timing - I’ve got the rulebook for Box of Flicks 2 to do. And the dashboards. And the Print and Play packs.

Plus there’s loads of house jobs to do.

It’s been a weird week!

Monday, May 17

In Flight

I’ve spent the last week ordering bits for the Kickstarter fulfilment.

We’ve got the dice. The grey, red and blue acrylic and the printing for the game and expansion 1 reprints arriving this week.

Boxes have been ordered, but won’t arrive until late June.

We’ve also started shipping rewards - for people who’ve order a game and/or expansion 1 only.

My job finishes on Wednesday then I have 2.5 weeks off before I start the next one.

Need to order the remaining stuff and do the Print and Play rewards next.

Busy, busy!

Monday, May 10

And Breathe

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. 

Pledge Manager to get live. Pledges to record in the accounts.

Playtesting and finalising rules for new bits.

Starting to work out what we have to deliver and ordering what we can now.

And on top of all of that, my day job went sideways and I needed to find a new one.

So lots of interviews and additional stress.

Thankfully I’ve now got an offer so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Going to take a couple of weeks off in between roles to relax (and finish the P&P pack and the rules and dashboard layout).

And breathe...

Monday, May 3


We’re a small company. Just Paul and me.

So we wear a lot of hats. 

Hats that would be worn by trained professionals in a bigger company.

One of my hats says ‘Accountant’ on it. But I’m not an accountant.

Still I do all the bookkeeping.

When I ran Reiver Games I did cash accounting. 

I hated it and often left it to the last minute. Months later I would be going through bank statements trying to work out where I’d gone wrong.

For Eurydice I do double entry. It’s more work. But so much better. There’s some error correction built in. You can easily see where everything is.

I quite enjoy it now.

Our books are usually up to date every day. I can check account balances at any point to make sure I’ve not made mistakes. Everything tallies.

The only time that isn’t true is now. During a Kickstarter we only get one payment (from KS), so it’s easy to record. During a big pledge manager we get over a hundred. And lots of those arrive the same day.

The books are slowly catching up. But they aren’t there yet. So I can’t check that they’re correct. Check I’ve not made any mistakes.

It’s weighing on me.