My Games

Border Reivers

In 2006 I published my first board game: Border Reivers a game about the warring Scottish and English clans on the border during the 16th century. I made 100 copies of the game by hand and sold them all within a year. It was the first game I designed and the first game I published.

Carpe Astra

In 2008 Carpe Astra was the third game I published as Reiver Games and the second I got professionally manufactured. Based on an original design by Ted Cheatham (Silk Road), it was a networking game set in a sci-fi setting where each player is fighting to claim the Galactic Throne. Carpe Astra made it into Bruno Faidutti's (Citadels, Mission: Red Planet, Incan Gold) Ideal Game Library in April 2008.


Initially designed as part of NaGa DeMon 2013, Zombology is a 15 minute semi-co-op drafting card game for three to eight players. I released a thirty copy hand-made run in November 2015 for NaGa DeMon again and then made it available Print on Demand on Drive Thru Cards in April 2016. I'm now making another hand-crafted run of 200 copies - you can read more here.

Codename: Vacuum

In November 2011 I started designing Codename: Vacuum, a sci-fi deck-building game set in a steampunk version of our solar system. It tracks the development and confrontations of the world powers of 1897 over 200 years as they fight for control of the planets. It is still in development and I blog about its progress.

Dragon Dance: Fire v Lance

My NaGa DeMon 2014 effort, Dragon Dance is a two-player card and dice game of bluff and simultaneous action. You play either the knight or the dragon locked in a mortal dance trying to outwit and bluff each other into a fatal mistake. The knight is nimble and disciplined, but has few hit points. The dragon lumbering and clumsy, but dangerous and hard to kill.

Reiver Games

In addition to the games listed above which I designed (or part designed), Reiver Games also published It's Alive! an auction game about building Frankenstein's Monster by Yehuda Berlinger and Sumeria an area control game based on the ever-shifting power of the city-states of ancient Sumer, by Dirk Liekens (Wind River, Santa Timea).