Saturday, July 15

First Delivery

At 9am this morning we had a rude awaking by the TNT guy who was delivering the dice I had ordered from Plastics for Games. He'd been round already on Friday while I was at work, but it was really easy to arrange a new delivery, far better than some other courier firms I've had to deal with recently.

I'd ordered 200 D6s for the combat, and 100 D10s for the reinforcements, plus 400 card-stands to hold the mountain ranges upright. I've not counted them, but I'm happy with the quality, and the service was remarkably prompt. Delivery seemed a little steep (£15 + VAT inside the UK for a fairly small box), but the dice themselves were pretty cheap. They've a minimum order of £50 though.

I also popped along to Beyond Monopoly briefly to buy some baggies from Jon - believe it or not he was cheaper than several suppliers I had found, plus no delivery charge :-) Sadly I didn't have time to stop and play games...

I'm hoping the wooden pieces will arrive from Germany fairly early next week.

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