Thursday, July 13

An Update

I've been very busy over the last week or so since I got back from holiday as I'm trying to get the artwork for Border Reivers finished by this weekend so that I can start sending it to the printers in time for The Cast Are Dice on August 12/13th in Stoke-on-Trent. I'll be constructing the tiles and boxes myself, as well as cutting out the cards in an attempt to reduce the costs, so I need to get the stuff back from the printers with time to spare. I'm making a run of 100 copies, fortunately I don't need to construct them all at once.

This last week I've bought a colour A3 printer (so I can look at the artwork myself and make a more accurate prototype for the last bit of blind-playtesting) then promptly had to take the damn thing back as it was trashing the page as it printed. Fortunately, it did ok with card so I could get the cards and the scoreboard done before I exchanged the printer for a (hopefully less knackered) new one.

I've also done the scoreboard design and started the box design, and since I'm doing a short day at work tomorrow I hope to get it finished on time. The only slight worry is the Border Reivers logo and box illustration which my Dad is doing for me (he was an art teacher, and now that he's retired is a full-time artist). Hopefully Dad will come through on time.

I've also set up a business account at the bank, and now that I've got the cards and cheque-books and stuff I've been able to start ordering. It's sooo exciting :-) I'm hoping the dice & card stands will arrive tomorrow, while the wooden pieces (from www.SpielMaterial.De) I ordered today and should hopefully arrive early next week. I've nowhere to put any of this stuff in our tiny flat, should have thought of that first...

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