Monday, July 3

I'm Back!

I'm now back from my holiday, so there will be some content arriving here soon. I'm now in the big push for Border Reivers trying to get it ready for The Cast Are Dice so I'll be posting less frequently for a while.

While I was away, I didn't play any games (The Wife wanted a well-deserved break from my games obsession), but I did take a notebook, and I did a fair bit of work on Codename:Dollyo, my second game, and I came up with another game idea: Codename: Beachcomber, a tile-laying game where you compete as young siblings trying to find interesting items on a beach, it's early days yet, but I think it has legs...

In other news, I won a copy of Football Tactics 2006 in a World Cup themed competition on BGG while I was away, and I've just been to collect it from the Post Office. I look forward to many games where England don't have a man sent off, and don't go out of a major competition on bloody penalties again.

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