Sunday, July 30

The Calm Before The Storm

This weekend has been a bit strange. Last week I was frantically chasing suppliers, but of course I can't do that on the weekend, so all I could do was some assembly. I've got the dice and the card, but no print jobs or wooden pieces yet, so pretty much all I can do is make boxes. I've now made twenty-three - enough for all my pre-orders, complementary copies and the ten I want to take to The Cast Are Dice. Ten seems like a lot, but there could be up to two hundred people there, and I definitely want to take too many - it would really suck to run out if it's popular.

Here's the results so far:

Why the storm? Next week I have the playtest event on Thursday, which will require some prototype construction, and I'll also need to collect the first print job, the wooden pieces (hopefully) and send off the second print job. Next week will be even worse - assuming I get the bits in time. Still, I've booked some time off work next week to give me plenty of time for construction.

I'm impressed by the amount of support I'm getting from the gaming community, especially from people I've never met and who've never played the game, but are still interested. Thanks!

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