Friday, July 21

That's A Lot Of Card

The recycled greyboard arrived Friday for Border Reivers, again on the second attempt. I'd ordered it from Craft Creations another UK supplier. I'm impressed with the service, the online shop was easy to use, the delivery was very prompt, despite the large size of the order, and delivery only cost me £3.

£3 sounds pretty cheap, but when you consider I had order 0.086 cubic metres of card you begin to realise just how good a deal that was. It came in three enormous boxes, padded with foam chippings, and the postman was delighted that he didn't have to take them back and unload them from the van again. I appreciated his fervour once I'd lugged the damn things up two flights of stairs :-). I'm still waiting for some tools that were part of the order, hopefully they'll arrive soon.

I've spent the weekend constructing the first batch of boxes - those I need to take to The Cast Are Dice in a couple of weeks time. It takes a while, but at least it's not too difficult and doesn't require lots of thought.

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