Friday, July 28

Supplier Woes

I've been trying to get Border Reivers ready for The Cast Are Dice, and I've three major things to do before I'm ready. I need to receive the wooden pieces from my supplier: Once I've got them I can take a photo of the completed game to put on the back of the game box. Once that's been added I can finally send the second print run to the printers. I need to get the second print run back in time to assemble the tiles and apply the box artwork to the boxes.

Needless to say, things are getting a bit tight. I'd not heard from the wooden pieces suppliers for a week or more since sending them payment and I was expecting to have already received the pieces by now. So I chased them up yesterday and found out that there was a problem with my order, some of the pieces I wanted were end of line and they didn't have enough left to complete my order. So I spent today trying to redesign my order in such a way that I could get it sorted quickly. Hopefully my order is now winging its way to me from Germany, and I'll receive it fairly soon. I think the chance of getting it ready in time for TCAD are fairly slim now - which is a real shame. But I'm learning a lot about dealing with suppliers, and the ups and downs of publishing.

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