Sunday, August 27

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Board games production - don't try this at home.

When making the ten copies of Border Reivers I took to TCAD, I cut myself making the last copy. I was tired and working with a very sharp craft knife. I cut myself on the tip on my index finger (which for the record seems to have lots of nerve endings). Fortunately I was able to nip off and get a plaster on it before I stained the game I was making.

Guess what. I was making a copy this morning around 0:45am (don't ask), and I did it again. Exactly the same spot - the last cut had only just healed. I obviously need to change my method, or invest in one of those chainmail gloves that butchers use. If they are any butchers reading this, feel free to donate one - it won't go to waste.

I think you can get thimbles made of metal, that might be the way to go. This one finger is holding the steel rule in place while I cut and is obviously in the firing line. Still, it'll be protected by a plaster for the rest of the weekend, so hopefully is safe now.

I'm taking advantage of the long weekend to try to get a load of construction done. The boxes full of print jobs and stacks of cards are taking up a large portion of our flat, so the more I can get made and sell, the more room I have available.

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