Saturday, August 19

The Cast Are Dice: The Aftermath

Last TCAD post, honest!

So TCAD was nearly a week ago, how have things gone since? Monday I received two more orders and some interest from the States. Only yesterday I was saying the £30 price tag hadn't seemed to put people off. Not true. Due to the ridiculous exchange rate at the moment the £30 price tag plus postage and packaging to the States comes out at a staggering $70! Unsurprisingly that's putting people off. Where are all the multi-millionaire American board games collectors when you need them?

I've avoided doing any construction for a few days to rest my hands which are still sore from last Friday's construction. I'm afraid I've got a hint of RSI or something in my right-hand - I keep getting painful twinges when I try to grip something. I'm hoping that clears up soon. I've a few more copies to make this weekend. I started on the next few sets of tiles last night and cutting through the 2mm board was really uncomfortable - D'oh.

I'm making one hundred copies, and after discounting my TCAD sales, pre-orders and review copies I've got about seventy-five copies to sell. I'm hoping to sell them all within a year, which means I need to average around one and a half copies a week. This week I've sold three copies which is a good start, and I hope to have bursts when I go to a convention.

To be honest, this rate is ideal as I have to fit the three and a half hour construction per game around a full-time job. If orders were coming in much faster, I'd have real difficulty meeting them in a sensible amount of time.

Anyway, enough TCAD ramblings, normal service resumes tomorrow.

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