Monday, August 7

The Glass Is Half Full

I'm feeling more optimistic today. The last few days I've been convinced I wouldn't have anything ready for The Cast Are Dice next weekend.

Today's been a mixed bag, but overall I'm feeling like I might pull it off. I got home to a delivery of card and corner rounding tools (for rounding the corners of the strategy cards). I tried out the corner rounding tools and the radius of the corner is huge - so they are no good. Not a good start.

Next up was checking my email - better luck here. I had received the last two proofs from the printer on Friday and over the weekend I had to send them an email confirming I was happy with the print quality and colour balance. I sent the email to the director of the company (who I had been in touch with pestering him with questions over the last three or four months). I also asked if there was any way they could speed things up, as I had a deadline, and I'd been delayed by another supplier. I finished the email with an offer of a happy customer quote, in the hope that this would carry some weight and help my cause for getting my jobs rushed through. Early indications are good :-). He had replied saying they'd get them done ASAP, and thanking me for the testimonial offer. Fingers crossed.

I then popped into town (I'd finished work early) to collect a parcel from the Post Office and try to buy a better corner rounding tool. The parcel was the last of the wooden pieces from Germany. So all I'm waiting on now is the two print jobs. I think there's a chance I'll pull it off...

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