Wednesday, August 9

The Games Factory: Day 1

I've taken three days off work to get Border Reivers ready for The Cast Are Dice. Today I was half-hoping that the print jobs would arrive from the printer but they didn't which left me plenty of time to get on with the rulebook and some decks of cards.

In the morning I went through the rulebook incorporating the feedback I got from my playtesting session last week. That took most of the morning, as I had to print it out to proof-read it a few times. Once I was happy with the rules I printed out twenty-four copies and folded and collated them. I couldn't staple them yet as the rulebook cover is one of the two print jobs I'm waiting on.

This afternoon I was at a bit of a loose end, as all the stuff that I need to do for TCAD is waiting on the two print jobs which have yet to arrive. So I wandered the internet and found a staggeringly expensive corner rounding tool (to use on the cards), and then found one that was only bloody expensive, so I bought that one instead. It should round a 10mm thickness of card stock in one go, with a nice 3.5mm radius arc, and it should arrive tomorrow. Yeay! New toy :-)

After that I set about cutting out the cards for the rest of my pre-orders. I'm hoping to take fourteen copies to TCAD, but I've sold another ten already, so I've been getting those together on the back burner. I made eight more decks this afternoon and evening, getting me to the twenty-four I need in total. Each deck took just under half an hour to cut out. That's two and a half days of card-cutting alone for the whole print run. Gulp.

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