Thursday, August 3

The Storm: Part 1

This week I've had a two-fold goal, both to prepare for the playtesting event I'm holding tonight in a local pub, while simultaneously trying to sort out the various print jobs and piece orders to ensure I'm ready for The Cast Are Dice next weekend.

It's been busy - very busy. I've been getting home from work and then working on things until about 12:30am most nights this week, and considering I have to be up at 6:30am for work - I'm unsurprisingly exhausted by now.

This week's been a blur - the wooden pieces arrived from Germany, but I'd had to change my order as some of the pieces I originally wanted were no longer available. In the rush to get a new order sorted in time, I made a mistake and ordered some pieces which won't work very well, so I've now had to lodge a second order for replacement pieces.

The first print job has arrived, and I'm very happy with it. It's the scoreboards, cards and mountain ranges so I've spent a lot of time cutting those out by hand in preparation both for the playtesting event and beyond. I'm preparing 23 copies, which is enough for me to take 10 copies to The Cast Are Dice and satisfy my pre-orders. I've got most of those together now, with the exception of the cards (which take an age to cut out), and the second wooden pieces order and second print job which have yet to arrive. The rulebooks aren't done yet either - they're waiting on the feedback I hope to get from tonight's playtesting session.

Am I going to make The Cast Are Dice? Well, that's the million dollar question. At the mo I'd say there's a 25% chance that I'll have the copies I want to take ready to go. There's a bigger chance that I'll have some ready, but the most likely outcome is that I won't be ready, but still waiting for something to arrive. It really sucks - but there you go.

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