Friday, June 15


I've been watching the BoardGameGeek statistics for the two games I've published almost obsessively for months now, and it's interesting to see how they differ.

Border Reivers

Border Reivers has probably been listed on BGG for over a year now. It's been available for over ten months and sold out recently (though I'm still holding a few copies for people who have ordered). Border Reivers has twenty-nine ratings at the time of posting, almost to the thirty required for ranking. It's received generally positive feedback, with the odd person who doesn't like it: ratings range from four to eight out of ten. The average rating drop as low as 6.4 a while ago, but has been steadily increasing in recent months to it's current value of 6.88. Thirty-seven people are listed as owning a copy (I've shipped eighty-seven copies), and another twenty-two are listed as wanting a copy.

It's Alive!

It's Alive! by comparison is a newcomer. It's only been listed on the Geek for a few months and been available less than one month. Currently I have nearly seventy outstanding orders to fulfill. It's Alive! has already garnered twenty ratings (from twenty-four sales), and has received good feedback with ratings ranging between 7 and 8.5, and an average of 7.67. Only thirteen people are listed as owning a copy, and seven listed as wanting a copy. Interestingly twelve people have rated the original version (The Menorah Game) which has both a wider spread (5 - 10) and a lower average (7.27). I'll take that as a vote in favour of my theme change. :-)

It is interesting to me that less than half of the people who have bought a copy of Border Reivers have listed it as owned on the Geek, and just over a third have rated it. Whereas despite only half of the sold copies of It's Alive! listed as owned on the Geek, I've got twenty ratings from twenty-four sales - a much higher percentage than Border Reivers. It'll be interesting to see what happens to the It's Alive! ratings as more copies are shipped...

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