Tuesday, June 12

Tangata needs to be shorter!

Last night I play tested again as if it was a 3 player game. I started at 11:00pm and the game didn't end until 1:30am. That was with me making decisions really fast. I assume with a 4 player game full of people that haven't played it before we would be looking at a 3 hour game or more. I definitely need to shorten the game.

The first thing I'm going to do is shorten the length of the board by 2 hexes. I'm also going to add a fourth type of trail card and overhang "protection" cards. The one thing that is a little difficult and might take a while to dial in is the number of tiles available. Once the trail tiles are gone from the stock piles, each player can move unoccupied tiles around the board. There can't be too many tiles and there can't be too few...

Blue won the game last night with eight tribesmen reaching the cave with 8 bird eggs in hand.

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