Friday, June 22

Play testing Bobby's "Game Knights" games at Gamex

The games I brought to Gamex to get feedback and play test were: Cutthroat, Dueling Dice, Battlin Bones, Hatchlings and Peg Leg's.

Gamex is a game convention in Los Angeles. One of the three Strategicon conventions.

Peg Leg's is a kids game so it was only played twice by one kid and one adult. The young girl who played it really enjoyed it and asked to play again but I had to run and do something else.

The prototype of Cutthroat is made of wood and is very tactile so it got a lot of interest from passers by. We managed to play one 4 player game and I explained it to a lot of people. Although it's a very simple roll and move game, there's a lot of backstabbing and stealing so the players said they enjoyed that aspect of the game.

Battlin Bones was played quite a few times and as I already knew, it needs some re-wording of some of it's cards. I was up pretty late typing them up so there were a few typos and I need to add MAY and MUST to a few of the cards.

Hatchlings was never played but it was explained to few people.

Dueling Dice was a hit i think. It's a very simple 2 player dice/board game. It can be played quickly and it can be played just about anywhere. I received a lot of positive comments about this game. A few play testers even helped me develop a 4 player version of the game. The 4 player version had a completely different almost Chaotic feel that was very exciting. One of the play testers offered to buy one so I gave her a copy of the game board so she could put one together on her own.

Here are a couple of pictures of people playing the prototypes.

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Jack said...

Hiya Bobby,

It sounds like it went well. I've been too busy trying to sell Reiver Games' latest at the conventions I've been to, but they must be ideal places for playtesting.