Tuesday, June 5

Bobby on Board!

Hello all,

First off - CONGRATULATIONS to Jack and Yehuda for the success at the con!

My name is Bobby Doran and I am a board game designer... For some reason that sounds like the beginning of an AA meeting.

I have only recently begun putting all of my crazy ideas into prototype form but I have quite a few that are through with play testing and ready to be published. Now if I could only find a publisher interested in them...

My daughters are still very young so I've created a bunch of kid's games to start with. it's a lot easier to get them to play test the simple games! And now I'm starting to move on to the more complicated themes.

I'll use this post to bounce ideas off of everyone and keep you all updated with all of my game related successes and failures.

1 comment:

Jack said...

Welcome aboard Bobby, I'm looking forward to hearing all about your design process.