Monday, July 14

Getting Somewhere

You know you're pestering your manufacturer when you phone up and ask to speak to your contact and the receptionist, says: 'Sure, I'll just put you through. Is that Jackson?'. Still, I'm speaking to them less now that the process has begun in earnest.

On Saturday the first couple of proof sheets arrived. I got the box artwork and the rules. I had no way of knowing what the art would look like colour-wise until the proofs arrived, as I don't have a calibrated screen or printer. As such I was awaiting the first proofs with some trepidation. What would it look like? Would everything be tinged with a colour? Too dark? Too light? Bland and grey?

Fortunately, things weren't too bad. The rules were fine, but the Repo guys had erroneously sent two copies of the English rules, rather than English and German. The box needed some love however. The background was too light and the photo looked washed out - it blended into the background.

As a result I resigned myself to footing the bill for another proof, with colour-corrected art. As luck would have it though they've offered to send a corrected proof of the rules (with both sets) for free, as it was their mistake, and to cover the cost of a new box proof too. Sweet!

In other news, I've managed to get in touch with the Codename: Ancient designer (have I mentioned that before?) and I hope to send him a contract in a few days time.

In still further news, I'm off to Bristol in a few hours time to spend a week visiting my family and my in-laws. I'll still be working and I'm getting the rest of the proofs delivered to me down there. It'll be good to see everyone.


Anonymous said...

WooHooo, etc to the news of possible progress on Codename: Ancient!

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Steve,

I'll put you down for 500 copies - ok?



P.S. He's confirmed he's happy with the contract - it'll go in the post tomorrow.

Custancia said...

have a good time away..!

Jackson Pope said...

I shall :-)