Tuesday, May 20

Back In The Saddle

I took most of yesterday off, after working the weekend and to celebrate selling my last copies of It's Alive! Still did a few things, I had to update my website so that people could no longer order It's Alive!, and fix all the references to it being available. I also emailed Ted the latest set of rules I'm trying out for Carpe Astra. I'm still tweaking it, it's very hard to let go when there's several thousand pounds riding on it. It's still getting better (in my opinion) but sooner rather than later I'm going to have to stop and leave it alone.

I got my first bit of colour artwork from the artist yesterday too. It's the new banner for the website. It wasn't a final one, but it gave me something to comment on. There's things about it I love and things I'm not so keen on, so hopefully there'll be a new version winging its way to me soon.

Today I'm going to concentrate on the layout for Carpe Astra again, getting the frames in place so that I can paste the artwork in when it arrives.


Mal said...

Hiya Jack,

Being a computer programmer, I keep wondering what you do about version control when you're developing games like Carpe Astra. Do you keep copies of old rules and pieces in case you want to more formally compare one version to another? Do you ever go back to older versions? Or is it too rapid and organic a process to spend time making copies at each revision?

Actually, it'd be fascinating to read more about your process in this regard.



Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Mal,

I'll post on that today or tomorrow.