Monday, May 19

It's Alive! Sold Out

I had a great weekend at the Beer and Pretzels games convention this weekend. I was selling It's Alive! during the day Saturday, but after a decent day of sales I decided to call it a day and start playing. I hooked up with Steve K (hiya!) and Neil and we played a bunch of games, mostly new to me as well as a couple of my prototypes. Despite not having a stand on Sunday, I was still able to sell the last few copies of the It's Alive! Limited Edition. I've only got six copies left at home now, mine and five I'm holding for other people.

I'll be going to the UK Games Expo in a couple of weeks too, but seeing as I thought I'd sell out of It's Alive! before then, and I didn't think Carpe Astra would be ready in time (right on both counts!) I've not got a stall there. Instead I'll be wandering around hawking my wares to the various shops and I'm a judge for the Game of the Year award. Bribes in excess of £5K gratefully accepted ;-)

Seeing as I've been 'working' all weekend, I'm going to have a fairly easy day today. I've got to nip into town to pay in my take from the weekend, and get a haircut in preparation for Dunk's wedding this weekend (I'm the best man - ought to look presentable!).

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