Tuesday, May 6

Carpe Astra - Character Preview 2/4

I've had the weekend mostly off (I went to Beyond Monopoly! on Saturday for a bit) and I've been at my old job for the day today - paying the bills :-)

Until I have something to report on the work front, here's another character preview from Carpe Astra:

Second up, in the yellow corner (the colour I normally play) is Trader Tyn-dar, representing the traders. He's a fairly young, successful businessman who ruthlessly exploits any avenue to increase his fortune (sounds like me!). As with the Admiral, he's not a nice person :-) (maybe not!)

Flavour text: Despite his youth, Tyn-dar has risen to the top of the Iartron Corporation with amazing speed. His judgement regarding emerging markets borders on prescience, and he's willing to exploit any weakness to turn a quick profit.

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