Friday, May 16

Ich Gehe Nach Deutschland!

I've just received confirmation that I've got a booth at the International Spieltage, at the Messe Essen in Essen, Germany in October. Or just plain Essen for those in the know.

In preparation I've ordered a German language kit as an early birthday present to myself. I did German at school, and was fairly good at it, but that was sixteen years ago, so I'm a little rusty :-(. Even with the course I'll not be competent enough to explain my games in German, so I could do with a German speaker on the stand, seeing as most of the 150,000 people attending the show will be German. Who to ask? I'll need to think on that.

In other news, I'm pressing on with getting a final quote from Ludo Fact for Carpe Astra and I spend a decent chunk of today going through the submissions I received ages ago working out which ones I want prototypes of sent to me.

I'm off to Beer and Preztels for the second year running tomorrow morning. It's a 8:20am train, so that'll mean an early start for me, but it should be good fun, and I've only got nine copies of It's Alive! left, so I might even sell out while I'm there.


Mischa said...

Jack, you might want to check out Livemocha for free native speaker language lessons. I haven't used it, just perused it and know that it exists. Hooray, Web 2.0!

Good luck and congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm going this year again so will pop by and say hi!
Are you with JKLM or someone or are you on your own stand?
Finding a native speaker should be a major priority - while it is an international event and most people do speak English there is still a large number of non-speakers and German is the primary language.

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Mischa,

Thanks for the heads up - I'll need all the practice I can get!

Ben, I've my own stand :-D. I've a few German friends, I'm hoping I can convince one of them to come along...