Friday, May 9

It's Alive! Construction Finished!

All day yesterday and this morning I've been making copies of It's Alive! I figured I was best off finishing them all in advance of the Beer and Pretzels convention next weekend, and if I got them finished that would free me up to concentrate on Carpe Astra.

Turns out to be good timing. I contacted those people on the Geek who listed themselves as wanting a copy to warn them that I was running out. Several bought a copy as a result of this (several more emailed me to let me know they wanted one, but couldn't afford it with the current US/UK exchange rate :-( ).

One of the customers who bought it received it yesterday and promptly played it with his partner several times. He loves it, and was quite happy to tell readers of SpielBox that he loves it. The very complementary review has led to several more sales to Germany today - will I have any copies left to take next weekend? In some ways I hope so, in others I don't :-)

In other news, I've just bought Adobe InDesign CS3, it's staggeringly expensive, but the right tool for the job of laying out the artwork for Carpe Astra. I downloaded a free trial several weeks ago, but that's now run out so it's time to put my money where my mouth is.


Dave said...

Congratulations! Glad to hear that it's finally finished. How long before your thumbs heal?

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Dave,

I've got better at it recently - its been a while since I've cut myself!