Tuesday, May 13

Submissions - Update

I had a terrible night's sleep last night, so I had just struggled into conciousness when the doorbell rang, it was Parcel Force delivering another prototype. That's the fifth one to arrive. Its arrival reminded me that I still haven't got back to most of the people who submitted games to me just before I went pro.

As a result I've taken some time out of the card layout for Carpe Astra to continue processing my submissions. I've been through the rules for another five this morning (two rejected, three prototypes requested). I need to improve my time management so that I've time to go through them, I've another nine sets of rules to review, plus another five sets of rules I'm still waiting to receive.

Getting a whole heap of submissions like this has been really good, it allows me to be more selective about what types of prototypes I receive. This means I can focus more on what I see the core product lines being for Reiver Games. I'm not beyond branching out a little though, so the occasional abstract or family game might appear under the RG logo too.

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