Saturday, November 2

NaGa DeMon: The Game Within a Game

I've decided to take part in NaGa DeMon this month. So I'm going to create a 20 minute, chaotic, vicious card game for 3-10 players on the theme of 'The Science of the Zombie Apocalypse'. I'll be posting a bit more regularly than usual, and will need some help playtesting the game.

So I'm running a game within the game (gamification-tastic!):

I've a small daughter, so not much spare time, so if you help me playtest the game, I'll award you Pointless Internet Points™ (PIPs). I'll keep a league table of everyone's points and award achievements for certain levels (who wants a PhD in Zombology?). In addition, at the end of the month I will hand-make, and post free of charge a signed and numbered copy of the final game to the people with the top five PIP scores.

How do you register for this exciting, yet pointless, opportunity? Post a comment on this blog post using a registered account (anonymous users are not valid). Every time you post a comment using that blogger account on any of my NaGa DeMon blog posts, I'll award you some PIPs equal to how helpful I find your feedback, I reserve the right to be capricious and unpredictable in my awarding of points, so no quibbling if you disagree.

Applications below please!


Achievements for the game-within-a-game:
1PIP - Intern, you can clean the glasswear
5 PIP - Undergrad, you know almost as much about Zombology as the cleaner
10 PIP - MSc, you get to call the faculty by their first names
20 PIP - PhD, congratulations! Now get published.
30 PIP - Tenure. That's the last time you have to do any work! Yay!
50 PIP - Chair. You're a Professor of Zombology, you get to wear a fancy hat. 


Anonymous said...

Hey Jack. Congrats on taking on the NaGaDeMon challenge - I'll certainly help out if I can. I'm doing the challenge for the first time this year. I just posted my early run at the rules at if you want to check that out as well. Good luck to you!

Unknown said...

Hi Jack! I will give it a shot, though I'm not sure how frequently I'll be able to post. I might just have to post feedback on my YouTube channel. Anything for PIPs!

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Jesse,

First! You get 3 PIPs for being keen!

Hiya Tiffany,

You get two PIPs, but then two bonus ones for tweeting about printing it out and encouraging me to publish the rules.

Thanks both for getting involved, as it stands you are both in line for a signed and numbered copy, totally free :-)



Dave said...

Count me in as well. I can't wait to feast on the Zombie goodness (and force-feed my friends)!

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Dave,

Thanks for getting involved, here's hoping it takes Plymouth by storm :-)

One PIP, plus two bonus PIPs for the retweet.