Sunday, November 24

TGWAG: League Table 4

The Game Within A Game (TGWAG for short) continues, trying to encourage people to give me the feedback I need to make Zombology. Since last week we've had a new Twitter based player Stuart Patterson (@spdesigntwit) and the other newcomers (@pidaysock and +Derek Hohls) have both climbed the table. With only a week to go there's finally some competition for the free signed and numbered limited edition copies. To make things more interesting, I'm speaking to a friend of a friend about getting some exclusive artwork done for the limited edition with pictures of zombie monkeys and everything! The three original players of TGWAG have been static this week, if they're not careful, they'll be overtaken!

Playtester PIP Score Level Free Copy?
Tiffany Ralph 13 MSc Yes!
@pidaysock 9 BSc Yes!
Frugal Dave 8 BSc Yes!
+Derek Hohls 8 BSc Yes!
boardsandbees 6 BSc Yes!
@spdesigntwit 5 BSc No :(


Unknown said...

You just think I'm not participating. Oh no, I've been doing research of my own, thank you very much. Whahahahaha.

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Tiffany,

Excellent. I approve of research, especially when researching solid scientific principles, such as the healing powers of crystals and how they apply to curing zombitis.