Friday, October 13

And The Sun Shone

The weather was lovely yesterday so I took advantage of it, and left work early to do some gluing. I got the gluing finished for the batch I'm taking to Psychocon tomorrow, not a minute too soon. This evening I will have to cut out the last of the tiles to finally finish the batch. I started a batch of twelve copies to work on while The Wife was away in Canada, with the intention of have ten of those copies to take with me to Psychocon, and two spares. I'll finish the batch tonight, but I've since sold five copies, so I can only take seven with me. That should be plenty. I sold five at The Cast Are Dice, and I'm hoping to sell between three and five at Psychocon.

In other news, I got the provisional quotes for Jorvik back from my printers: Stress Free Print yesterday too. I'm intending to do a limited edition again to gauge interest, but the smaller number of components (it being a card game) means it will be cheaper to manufacture in both time, cost and effort. As such I'm considering two different print run sizes: one hundred and two hundred copies. I think it should be easier to sell than Border Reivers, as it's cheaper price ticket will put fewer people off - especially in the States where Border Reivers and the postage to America comes to over seventy dollars. Because the lamination of the print runs has a minimum order of 1000 sides of A3 the cost of the two prints runs is pretty similar - therefore I'm thinking the two hundred copies run is the better option for affordability reasons.

I've also had some ideas for some extra mechanics/rules for Jorvik. I really need to step up the playtesting to see whether these new ideas will work out.


andyb said...

Did stress free print, print the cards for Border Reivers as well then? They did look pretty good, and I wondered how you'd managed them.

Hope the weekend goes well. Shame you won't have quite as many copies to take with you, but at least your sales are on the up, and you can always take pre-orders.

Jack said...

Yeah, Stress Free Print did everything except the inside of the rulebook which I did on my laser printer. The box, cards, scoreboard and mountain ranges are all laminated.