Saturday, October 21

Silence Descends

I'm on holiday! There'll be no posts from me for a week, as I'm off to Snowdonia to get some walking, drinking and playing games in. I'm taking the latest Jorvik prototype, so I'll let you know how that develops when I get back.

In other news I played Jorvik yesterday at work on my lunch break with Carl. I thought it went very well, although there were a couple of rules that needed changing as something broke because of them. The deck of cards isn't changing as a result though - just the rules. It's starting to settle down.

Have a fun week and I'll see (sort of) you in a week.


Jako said...

Have fun! The new website looks great by the way.

Jack said...

Thanks, Dave. I'm back now expect more posts soon - once I've trawled through 200 odd spam emails...