Tuesday, October 10

Welcome To Jack's House Of Plague

I'm feeling rough. I had yesterday off work, and today's gone the same way. I've a continual sinus headache, and I'm finding it really difficult to think.

Still, it's not all bad, The Wife gets home tomorrow, so I'll get a few days off construction which will be a nice change. I didn't get much done yesterday despite being home all day, and I fear today will go the same way. I finished off applying the style to the new website, and got a few people to have a look at it to see what they thought. I should get some feedback in a day or two, and then I can post it. That'll be good.

Anyway, as you can probably tell from the randomness of this post my brain is fried. Must rest.


andyb said...

Sorry to hear you're on the coarse-side of rough... It does get better, honest... I was back in work today, though I could still 'cough for England'

Good news... the new Trivium album rocks.... Bad news... still months to wait for the new Rammstein DVD.

Jack said...

I'm coming out the other side slowly, I'll probably be back in work tomorrow. I've not heard the new Trivium album yet, but I've been listening to Ascendancy a lot the last few days :-)

andyb said...

Yeah, Ascendancy is a great album... not sure the new one, "Crusade", is quite up to it, but it's still good...

I have the good fortune to be going to see them in December... They are supporting Iron Maiden, so I get 2 gigs for the price of 1 (except that Maiden concerts are expensive!!)