Tuesday, October 3

Progress On Jorvik

Last night I left work early to pay in some money and buy some card for another Codename: Jorvik prototype. I thought I didn't have much time, as I was expecting to go to Paul's Games Night so I set about making the Jorvik prototype as a break from Border Reivers construction. About halfway through I checked my email and found out there was no games night, so I finished the prototype and starting playing it. The first attempt I aborted after a few minutes to tweak the deck - as it was the game didn't flow enough. So then I played through a second game from start to finish (including scoring) and I'm much happier with this version. Already I think it's a better game than the last prototype. The previous attempt didn't provide enough choices - there were very few options available to you on each of your turns so the game was dictated largely by the luck of the draw. This new version gives players a lot more choices, while still playing quickly and being pretty simple.

After spending some time on Jorvik I went back to Border Reivers construction - covering another six box lids. I'd forgotten how slow making the boxes is, since the tiles are just as slow and more uncomfortable. I'm making steady progress though, and once the boxes are finished the contents (with the exception of the tiles) are pretty quick to make.

I also received another overseas order for Border Reivers today, and my first order for Jorvik! Thanks, Dave!

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