Thursday, October 19

New Website Launched!

I've just made the new Reiver Games website live. It's still not finished, but it's better than the old one :-) Thanks to Mal for his help with the design.

Any feedback would be appreciated, either in the comments here, or to the feedback email address listed on the website.


andyb said...

Good work on the website.. it looks very nice... my only problem is that it's too wide!! I have to scroll to the right more than an inch to read it!

My screen resolution is 1600x1200, but I use maybe 900x700 of that for my browser, with the rest taken up with some combination of email, winamp, ssh client, excel, text files, IM, icons etc.
Anyone viewing at 800x600 full screen (and there are still plenty of those, judging by the people I work with) will have similar issues.

just my 2p

Jack said...

Thanks Andy,

I though 800 x 600 was long gone - I guess I'll have to rethink things.