Friday, October 6

Big Step Forward

Last night I spent a decent chunk of time on game construction. It felt great because I finished the slow box construction, and made fast progress on the bagging and sorting of the various bits. All I have left to do for the batch is the decks of cards and the tiles. I've done the gluing on three of the twelve copies, and I'm waiting for a dry day to do the rest. Rather than do all the cards and then all the tiles I'm going to have to completely finish three copies as a priority, as I need them for Saturday - I've two foreign orders to ship and I need to deliver Andy's copy at Beyond Monopoly. Next week I can go back to the rest, and try to complete them before The Wife returns. This batch was intended to include ten copies for Psychocon in Leeds next weekend, but I've already sold one of them, and I've over a week to go before the convention.

I'm still hoping to get them done in time. Fingers crossed. Anyway, short post today, I've an exam for work soon, and I need to revise!

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