Saturday, October 7

Finally Caught Up

This morning I finished the copy needed to fulfill all my outstanding orders. Finally. Border Reivers was released nearly two months ago, and from the outset I had a backlog of pre-orders to satisfy. I then got a steady stream of orders coming in. Not a lot, but almost as many as I could make in a week. While I was meeting those orders I was also slowly meeting my pre-orders too. Now I've finally done it. It took two weeks with The Wife in Canada to pull it off though. Over the next few days I'm going to build up a stock to take to Psychocon next weekend, and then hopefully I can keep on top of it. My biggest worry is that I'll run out of gluing opportunities, as at the moment I'm doing all my gluing outside. I can only do it during daylight, on a nice sunny, and fairly still day. As we move into Autumn I'm fast running out of good weather and daylight hours. The clocks go back soon too, so I won't be able to do it after work either, only on weekends. I'm strongly considering taking a day of work and trying to get almost all of the outstanding gluing done in one fell swoop.

In other news we were bombarded with hits on Wednesday. Not only did we get loads of hits here, and on the Reiver Games website, but the Border Reivers page on BoardGameGeek got ten times its usual daily views too. Occasionally, when I post on The Geek we get a bump here, but nothing as big as this. I've no idea what caused it (I tried to look into it but couldn't find anything), but it led to some more interest in Border Reivers so I'm happy. If you happen to know what it was I'd be interested to hear in the comments.

I'm off to Beyond Monopoly soon, and then straight down to a friend's house to help him move, so I'll post a session report tomorrow evening.


andyb said...

Great to meet you at Beyond Monopoly today... And thanks for my copy. Shame you had to leave when you did, as you missed us breaking it out for what turned out to be quite a quick game... Al, Mason and I played, and Mason kicked all the other children of the goldmine like a big bully (his words) and none of us could take him down.

Glad there's been more interest from boardgamegeek.. thinking back, Wednesday was the day that this thread ( appeared, where Luke and I both mentioned Border Reivers. It was on the front page for a while, don't know if it had an impact though.

PS do you have a cunning technique for turning the tiles over? We ended up knocking the map about quite a bit while we were cultivating... (hmmm... perhaps a blob of blutack might work)

Jack said...

It was good to meet you too.

Thanks for the plugs on The Geek, it must have been that thread that sparked the interest.

About the tiles, I tend to press down on two of the adjacent tiles with my fingers then lift the tile towards those two that can't move - keeps the disruption to a minimum.