Wednesday, October 4


I'm having friends round for games tonight (theoretically - not had many replies yet!), so I spent a decent chunk of last night doing chores in preparation. Coupled with leaving work late I didn't get a huge amount of construction done. Still, I finished covering the box lids, and covered a third of the box trays.

I need to get a couple of copies finished by Saturday and that will then be all my pre-orders and outstanding orders fulfilled. That will be a nice feeling.

Up until now I've been doing this batch like an assembly line - make all the boxes, cover all the lids, etc. To get copies finished by Saturday I'm going to have to ditch that approach and finish off those two games completely and the come back to the rest of the batch.

With the games night tomorrow and a trip to Derby on the weekend to help a friend move, I've only got five evenings of construction time left before The Wife returns from Canada. I'm hopefully that I can get the batch finished, however if the weather is bad I'm not going to get an opportunity to get the gluing done on the tiles, which will scupper everything. Pray for sunshine!

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