Thursday, May 17

Almost There...

Yesterday I received the proofs of the first print run from the printer. The first print job is the cards, player shields, player guides and slabs - basically all of the game components. The artwork looked really good, a little darker than I expected but not really a problem.

There was a problem however. I've been exhausted the last couple of weeks, I'm up until around 12 - 1am working on the It's Alive! graphic design, and then have to get up at 6:30am to get the bus to work. I'm wrecked, and it told in the artwork. I'd accidently left crop marks on both sides of the artwork, and I'd done the wrong sort of crop marks on the cards. D'oh! My printers will accept amendments to the artwork, but it costs £24 + VAT to re-submit new artwork. Sadly, I had to do it. Still, the good news was that it gave me a chance to tweak the player guides to make them more legible. £28.20 over a run of three hundred games is less than 10p added to the cost of a game so that's not a major problem - plus I'd left a little slack in the budget in case of emergencies.

Gtting the components proof back from the printer also means I can mock up a game for the back of the box photo. All the artwork is one-sided so that added a challenge to the framing of the photo, but The Wife came up with something nice. I'm sending the second print job (box labels) off tonight.

Just to whet your appetites, here's the artwork for the box front:

And the back. As usual, you can click on the images to see a larger version.


Yehuda said...

Looks fantastic.


Jack said...

Thanks Yehuda!

I'm very pleased with the artwork, but everything's a bit of a rush at the moment. Next up is the rules, which I need to send off on Monday...



Mal said...

Wow, this is getting really exciting. :)

I remember getting all excited about Border Reivers when it was nearing completion and this is every bit as cool. The artwork does indeed look fantastic. Nice one.

Phil said...

Looks fantastic, will certainly pick up a copy!

Thanks for your comments about Archaeology too by the way, glad you got a chance to play it.

I should be back on board with posting soon, as the mania of the first print run of Archaeology is now behind me!

Jack said...

Thanks guys. I'm feeling the mania a bit at the moment - it's all very hectic...

I'll put aside number 43 for you Phil, thanks!