Thursday, May 31

Thunderbirds Are Go!

This morning the print jobs arrived at 8am, with the baggies (the last of the German order) following at 10:40. I've got all the rulebooks and box labels, and around fifty of each sheet of the game components - so I will definitely have some stock at the Expo - yeay! That was a close one for a while there.

This morning I've started on the first batch of six copies - I've labelled the boxes, and I'm now cutting out the components. The Wife has mucked in and been bagging wooden pieces (the game's coinage) and numbering the rulebooks - thanks!

The good news is that the boxes take less time to label than I expected, the bad that the components take more time to cut out. Still, with a couple of late nights I should still be able to take twenty or more copies to the Expo. I've got eight copies put aside for people already though, so if you want a copy to collect at the Expo, it's best to pre-order.

As soon as I've got a finished copy I'll post some photos here and on BoardGameGeek for your delectation :-)


Steve Kearon said...

Congratulations on getting product ready - I'm sure the idea of an empty table was becoming a little scary. Was my verbal order at Beer & Pretzels sufficient to wangle a copy at the games expo?

Jack said...

Hiya Steve,

Yes, I'll be bringing your copy along with me.