Friday, May 25

Border Reivers: The End?

I'm finally making the last batch of Border Reivers. I've made the boxes and will get most of the components plus the last batch of tile-gluing done this evening. It's been hard work and taken up a huge amount of my time over the last year, but I did it! I designed a game, playtested it, published it, manufactured it by hand and sold it. It's been a fantastic experience, that I've thoroughly enjoyed, for all my bitching about being too busy and too tired.

It's Also been fun keeping track of the ratings and comments on BoardGameGeek and seeing how they've evolved. It hit a low a few months ago when one of the BBG admins rated it four (out of ten!), but since then a few more people have rated it highly, and its now got twenty-four of the necessary thirty ratings to get it ranked on BGG.

It's Alive! meanwhile is coming on, the first print job was delivered today, with the box artwork to follow on Tuesday (Monday is a public holiday here in the UK). I heard from the Germans that the wooden pieces have been shipped, and I've started making boxes for that too. I've now got seven days off work and I'm hoping to get between twenty and forty copies assembled for the Expo. The last few weeks have been a blur, but hopefully things will settle down after the Expo a bit so I can go back to having a social life (of sorts).


Dave said...

Glad to hear all is going okay. Be careful when you step blinking into the sunlight for the first time in weeks!

Jack said...

It's a bit of a shock!