Tuesday, May 29

What A Fool!

Over the weekend I've mostly finished the last batch of Border Reivers (I just need to cut out the tiles), and I've started making It's Alive! The delivery that I though was the first print run turned out to be the wooden pieces when I went to collect them from the depot (having not been in when the delivery was attempted). This is great as the wooden pieces were the things I was most worried about, I thought there was a real chance they wouldn't arrive on time, but they have. The down side was that when I collected the parcel I found out that the large sealed box containing 24,000 small wooden discs had been opened by customs when it entered the UK and then no-one had thought to re-seal it. The wooden pieces were loose inside the box, and the box was open. The first thing I did on arriving home was to weight it to check they were all there, and the weight was about right, so hopefully I've not lost to many.

Over the weekend I've started making boxes. I drew out thirty-six boxes (to make forty as I've four boxes that the blind-playtesting prototypes went in), and then cut out the trays. At which point I realised that I'd messed them up and I had drawn them too small. D'oh! What an eejit. I've written off nine sheets of card (which fortunately doesn't cost too much and can be recycled), but more important is the time wasted. I think I'm going to aim to take thirty copies to the Expo now.

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