Tuesday, May 22

Fingers Crossed...

I might have everything ready in time fo the UK Games Expo! After a couple of slightly panicked phone calls to Germany where their English completely showed up my German yet again, I got an email from my German suppliers telling me that I should have the wooden pieces for It's Alive! by next Thursday. Which is cutting it a bit fine, but would be alright. Dave has also made a pill counter for me, which will allow me to quickly sort out the correct number of wooden pieces for a game - speeding up the sorting and bagging process. The Germans are going to ship to me from the production facility (rather than the office) which will speed up delivery.

In other news, two of the print jobs are now with the printers: the components which will hopefully arrive on Friday and the box labels, which are due next Tuesday. The third and final print job - the rules - will be sent tonight and should arrive next Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm getting the rules pre-cut and folded, so I'll have very little to do for them - just numbering and slipping in the box.

It's all very exciting, but it's completely un-sustainable. I'm finishing between 12:30 and 1am (last night I got to bed at 12:15! Early night!), and then it's taking me about half an hour to relax enough to go to sleep. This week The Wife is away, and I miss her, but the silver lining is that I get to use the car, and hence I can get up later and still get to work at a sensible time. By later I mean 7am though - so I'm getting nowhere near enough sleep. I feel shattered pretty much all of the time. My parents were up at the weekend, so that meant slightly earlier nights and a proper lie-in which was nice. It's fun. But very hard work, especially when you have to fit it around a real job.


Dave said...

Quit whining! You'll soon be rubbing shoulders with the gaming elite, drinking fine wine, and driving fancy sports cars. Just like all the other games publishers in the world, erm... maybe.

Jack said...

Thanks for putting things in perspective Dave! I'm past the print deadlines now so things can slow down a bit.